First Issue Polar Borealis Posted!

The first issue of my non-profit semi-professional paying-market SF&F fiction magazine POLAR BOREALIS is posted this site (click on “Polar Borealis Magazine” above, then “Current/Back Issues,” and then “Polar Borealis #1”) aimed at beginning Canadian writers eager to make their first sale, with some pros to provide role models.

With art by Jean-Pierre Normand, Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk, and Taral Wayne.

Poems by Rissa Johnson, Eileen Kernaghan, and Rhea Rose.

Stories by Christel Bodenbender, R. Graeme Cameron, Steve Fahnestalk, Karl Johanson, Rissa Johnson, Kelly Ng, Craig Russell, Robert J. Sawyer, T.G. Shepherd, Casey June Wolf, and Flora Jo Zenthoefer.

Hope you find it of interest.

Cheers!  The Graeme

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