Polar Borealis to get own Web Site

I’m working on establishing a web site to house POLAR BOREALIS Magazine. Once it is up the relevant material on this site will be reduced to a link to the new site.

This should make it easier to find POLAR BOREALIS through Google.

All current and future issues will be made available at the new site for free download.

The second issue will be out in a month or two and will feature poetry by Rissa Johnson, Mary Choo, Eileen Kernaghan, Rhea Rose and J.Y.T. Kennedy, as well as stories by Stan G. Hyde, Steve Fahnestalk, Michael John Bertrand, Holly Schofield, David Perlmutter, R. Graeme Cameron, Catherine Girczyc, dvsduncan, Nina Munteanu, Matthew Hughes and Spider Robinson, plus a wonderful cover by Eric Chu.

Cheers!  The Graeme


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